"Icecream Boy"



Onkalo Icecream Boy

Seemingly ordinary merchant,
Icecream Boy decides to take a journey in search for new opportunities.

Driven by his curiosity, he soon realizes that he now is stepping into an unfamiliar and queer world, where his inner and outer perception starts to diminish. He is gradually pulled into a lunatic illusions in which we meet a headless man,
Master, who appears to govern this world and show a desire to possess the boy's head.

As orchestrated calling of Master drives the boy closer, it begins to lead to a metamorphosis of the two characters.


Onkalo Icecream Boy

The film is a combination of stop-motion and illustrated animation techniques, using plasticine, painted cardboard and modified traditional toys. Several ideas on animation and its soudnscapes have been discussed and developed over the past 4 years by two creators of Onkalo -
resulting in the new level of their collaborations on several audio-visual performances. "Icecream Boy" had had its premiere at
The Yard Theatre in London, accompanied by their live music performances.